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Customize options


Customize options

Carl Douglas - Speciale Opties

Op maat gemaakte bankjes, Speciale fineren, Handgrepen, Bidonhouder, etc

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Customize options

After you have chosen one of the three boat styyles, you can then choose additional options, such as special fittings, hull sectioning, special veneers, decoration or other finishes:


Special Fittings or adjustments:

hbandgrip - bottlepocket

Nielsen Kellermann Speedcoach wiring

Concealed, low-drag, built-in with:
- Turbine spinner set into fin blade
- Rate–meter magnet bonded to seat spindle
- Special monitor mounting on aft deck
- All cables and sensors are invisibly built-in
The installation does not include the Nielsen Kellermann Speedcoach monitor, but we can purchase obtain for you


Sculpted wooden handles, attached to the boat, to make it easier to carry the boat. Choose one or both handles:
- Forward grip - at the front part of the slide bed, between washboard and slides.
- Aft grip - on the vertical face of the main bulkhead, between the front stops and below the slide ends.

Bottle pocket

The built-in cylindrical holder can hold a bottle with a diameter of 75 mm. This neat, useful option is made of a matching veneer laminate and is placed either:
- Forward, into the slide bed, behind the back stops of the slides, this is the usual and recommended position.
- Aft, in the vertical face of the bulkhead, between the front stops, below the slide ends.

Customized seat

People do not all have the same shape, so why would the same seat fit everyone? Often they don't and are rather uncomfortable.
You may find the standard seat perfectly suitable, but if that is not the case, we offer a unique customized seat service - a seat that has been made specially to fit your bum!
This service is included with all new boat orders.



Hull sectioning

CDRS section

Road traffic regulations in English speaking countries are generally helpful to owners of singles and doubles, but in mainland Europe it is generally illegal to car top one piece shell, due to the overhang at one or both ends of the car.
When sectioned, the shells will normally fit within prescribed length limits, can be securely racked, do not exceed the permitted vehicle roof loadings and may be car topped in every country.
Owners expecting to car top a new shell in mainland Europe should seriously consider a section joint. The strong, elegant section joint adds only about 700grams to the boat’s weight and in no way affects its strength or integrity. It allows rapid assembly and dismantling and is almost undetectable by feel on the outside surface of the hull.

Our purpose built racks for sectioned singles allow the boat to travel sectioned or in one piece.

Section joint – Single Scull £1150
Section joint – Double Scull £1250
Section joint – Pair £1250
Special V–bar rack – £250
(for one or two piece transport of sectional single scull)



Special veneers

CDRS veneers

Unique to the Carl Douglas rowing boats, in addition to their exceptional quality, performance and durability, is the amazing range of woods and finishes that Douglas offers to those who are looking for a high-quality competition boat of outstanding character.
The classic and most famous rowing boat is of course the Custom. You have free choice in a mix of Mahonies (African or Brazilian) and Cedar veneer, with Maple (Maple) deck stripes.
With the Special, however, you can realize the finishing and detailing of your dreams, without compromising performance or sustainability. It is impossible to give a full range of veneer options and prices, as these depend on the customer's preference, the current availability and the professional assessment of the suitability of these veneers.
Here are some of the more attractive woods with which Carl Douglas can build your Special:

Dominican Rosewood (Rosewood)

A dark purplish black veneer with a fine grain.

Bird's eye Maple (Maple)

Champagne color, with the "bird eyes" that form the bubbles, This beautiful, usable veneer layer is best used only for decks.

Santos Rosewood (Pallisander)

Highly nuanced grain with blacks through red to amber to white. A strong and aesthetic statement.


Wavy, glowing golden color with holographic luster - the boat shines with a flashing glow of light in the low sun.

Black colored Tulipwood

Hard, black, American Tulipwood, with a soft, barely visible grain, stands out for its simplicity and results in a very light boat.

Black Walnut

Despite the name, a dark purple-gray wood with soft ocher and brown colors, usually with a strongly displayed grain.
This beautiful traditional wood is very strong and durable and is the most affordable Special.



Detail decoration 

 Inlay options

Bespoke inlays & motifs

To personalise your Custom and Special shells marquetry inlays can be inserted in contrasting veneers within the outer laminate.
Almost anything is possible within reason (or cost!) and Carl Douglas is happy to discuss, design and evolve details of your choice.
Prices by quotation only.

Vinyl names

Your chosen boat name in applied vinyl lettering with font, format, detail and colour all to yourspecification
– normally positional on the hull near the bow or on the saxboards.
Other lettering such as ID numbers can be provided


Other finishes

Deck stripes

Where appropriate, or desired by the client, the characteristic deck centre stripe can be varied.
Thus a Bird’s Eye Maple deck, being very light in colour, will not work well with a standard Maple centre– stripe but looks great with a darker stripe.
Normally there is no surcharge for stripe colour coordination, but Carl Douglas offers an optionof a braided carbon stripe for £200.
This weave gives the sense of great depth, the pattern seeming to move beneath the clear surface.

Special figures

Sometimes strikingly unusual figures in wood veneers can be obtained, which normally have a more familiar grain.
These may include some with “interlocked” or “fiddle-back” grains, and other complex features normally absent.
They may present extra problems during lamination and will carry a surcharge but result in very distinctive boats.

Other effects

Like: contrasting striping in the cockpits gives a beautiful result, or the deck stripe runs through the slide bed and bulkheads.
Your suggestions and ideas for interesting finishes and detailing are always welcome, but there may be a surcharge for anything particularly adventurous!