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Design & Construction


Design & Construction

Carl Douglas - Ontwerp & Bouw

Een mix van moderne methoden en klassieke materialen: hout


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Carl Douglas is a chartered engineer and takes boat design seriously. His skills in fluid mechanics, construction and materials science are fully utilized in the design of these unique, ultra-light racing boats.
With computer-assisted hydrodynamic design, these rowing boats are real racing machines.
We do not know a faster design. These boats slow you less down than any other boat.
They run very well and stay dry. Thanks to the minimal hull resistance and deep V-bow, the boat will knife through smooth or rough water.



Construction CDRS

General principles
As an important component of the advanced composite construction, Carl Douglas uses wood, laminated with Kevlar, using heat and pressure. Wood has evolved over 400 million years to withstand stress, fatigue and shock. It is strong, durable, stiff, light and amazingly moldable. The Douglas professionals have the knowledge and skills to build in wood. The polished, clear hard lacquer layer can not hide any errors. The wood is, with particular precision, combined with the excellent fiber properties of Kevlar ™ and carbon. Every type of fiber is used, where it gives the best effect.

The shell
Hulls and decks are made with the same properties of wood and Kevlar ™, bonded with epoxy resins. This results in incredibly stiff and resilient boats, which can withstand collisions unharmed. You can choose the wood yourself on the Customs and especially the Specials. Spruce of aircraft quality with high elasticity is used for all longitudinal stiffening.

The shoulders
These absorb all load and impact on the riggers, but weigh only 400 g. Shoulders are made of wood and carbon fiber, precisely aligned and manufactured in pressure molds. In other boat brands the shoulders are much softer than the riggers - just look in your boathouse and check it yourself. Carl Douglas's are incredibly strong and stiff.