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Aerowfin & HyperSteer


Aerowfin & HyperSteer

The HyperSteer™ Twin-Fin system

Aerowfin + Canardfin is the superior steering system for almost every brand of rowing boat

The HyperSteer™ Twin-Fin system causes precise steering, better stability and improved speed!


Conventional fins and rudders 

major speed loss:

HyperSteer™ Twin-Fin system

no speed loss:

 - Side-slip around bends or in cross winds and waves  - Right on track around bends or in cross winds and waves
 - Drag and turbulence  - Minimal drag and turbulence
 - Steering by slowing down on one side…  - Steering by hydrodynamic lift
 - Imbalance  - Increased balance
 - Delayed direction change after steering  - Direct reaction while steering



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