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About Us

At EuRow, the leading webshop of Heeres Boat Service, you will discover everything you need within the rowing world!

Heeres Boat Service was founded in 1994 with a mission: to provide maintenance and repairs to the rowing community. Our founder, Rob Heeres, has had a deep passion for rowing since his college days in 1980. His expertise has continued to grow as a former college rower and current Masters category enthusiast. In 1984 Rob Heeres already started with maintenance and repairs of rowing boats, while he was working in yacht building.

With years of experience and a tireless commitment to quality, we have reached our current high level. Our unparalleled quality is recognized by both rowing boat builders and our valued customers worldwide.

In 2002 we took our first modest steps in the rowing world with our very first online store in the Netherlands, where we offered bow balls and dolls. Over the years we have transformed and expanded, and we are now internationally known as EuRow.eu. Our growing selection of high quality rowing related products are shipped to rowers around the world.

At EuRow we are ready to enhance your rowing experience with top quality products and excellent service. Based on our rich history and future-oriented vision, we strive to be the best partner for every rower, wherever you row in the world

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