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Heeres Boat Service - Rowingboat Maintenance & Refurbs/Spray Jobs

Regular maintenance by our professionals assures you of a longer lifespan of your rowing boat.

Maintenance of rowing boats is a profession and requires special skills.

Heeres Boat Service has been performing maintenance on rowing boats for more than 25 years and has that in-house expertise.


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Regular maintenance by our specialists ensures a longer life cycle of your boats.
Boats will last longer and buying new boats could be postponed.
Service, re-varnish and polish your shell – it will look and feel like new!


A complete re-varnish consists of the following work**:
• Careful cleaning of the boat, which in fact is a minute inspection;
• Sanding down of existing varnish or gel coat;
• Repair of minor scratches and dents;
• The eventual spraying of (in most cases) three layers of superior two-component varnish and sometimes prior to this a sprayable priming and/or a "pre-varnish". (Depending on the background);
• Supplying and fitting new slides, stemball and in case of a boat with decking (Taft): new decking;
• Checking of fin, bulkhead seals, seats, stretchers, riggers and steering. (We will charge for these items only as required). You can apply for an overhaul of your boat on this website. We will make verbal agreements of this overhaul of your boat in advance.

** Excluding major damage repairs, e.g. perforations & deep gouges/scratches, damaged washboards, broken shoulders, seriously abraded or damaged finish, etc. (We will discuss these repairs with the client first) An overhaul is a handy time to incorporate major repairs.



Heeres Boat Service
Verlengde Hoogravenseweg 13
3525BB Utrecht
The Netherlands (NL)


Opening Hours

  • Monday - Friday:  9:00 to 17:00 
  • Saturday:               Closed
  • Sunday:                 Closed


24 hours a day, every day of the week, you can bring your boat and put it in our "mailbox", a boat rack on the side of the workshop.


In order not to overload our team, please do not call, but send an e-mail.
We ask for your understanding.


A maintenance estimate is not free of obligation.
The costs are not taken into account when the work is carried out .
See Terms and Conditions.