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Coxmate Manuals


Coxmate Manuals

Coxmate Manuals

Here you find the manuals for the various Coxmate products.
At the bottom are the manuals of the products that are no longer available.

Coxmate Wiring

Manual 6W wiring
Manual modular wiring (Old system - Dutch)


Coxmate Audio

Coxmate Audio manual


Coxmate AA

Coxmate AA Manual


Coxmate SRT+

Coxmate SRT+ Manual
Coxmate SRT+ Boat manual


Coxmate SX

Coxmate SX Manual
Coxmate SX Boat assistant
Coxmate SX Impeller installation manual


Coxmate HC

Coxmate HC Manual
Coxmate HC Mounting kit installation
Coxmate HC Boat assistant
Coxmate HC Kayak installation



Old models


Coxmate AA revA

Coxmate AA RevA manual


Coxmate SR

Coxmate SR quick start guide


Coxmate SRT

Coxmate SRT Manual


Coxmate SC

Coxmate SC Impeller manual


Coxmate SCT