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Amplifier | Coxmate Audio


Amplifier | Coxmate Audio

Coxmate Audio rowboat amplifier

Coxmate Audio: The Solution for Communication in Rowing Boats

Coxmate offers a range of audio products for rowing boats. These products are designed to assist coxswains and coaches in communicating clearly and effectively with their rowing crew.

The Coxmate Audio is a compact, waterproof, and rechargeable sound amplifier specially designed for rowing boats. It delivers clear sound and is built for durability.


Coxmate cable systems

Coxmate cable systems are designed to connect the Coxmate Audio to waterproof Coxmate speakers and other equipment. They are modular, allowing them to meet the needs of any rowing boat.


Coxmate charger

The Coxmate charger is designed for quick and easy charging of the Coxmate Audio.


Coxmate microphone

The Coxmate microphone is a high-performance microphone designed specifically for rowing boats. It is robust, waterproof, and provides clear sound.


Coxmate products are engineered to enhance the rowing experience for coxswains, coaches, and rowers. They offer a reliable and effective means of communication in rowing boats.

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