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Rowing Boats


Rowing Boats

Baumgarten boats

Heeres Boat Service is the official supplier of Baumgarten rowboats in the Netherlands and Belgium.
This means that we are the only ones allowed to sell Baumgarten rowboats in these countries.

For customers outside the Netherlands or Belgium, it is possible to buy boats through EuRow-Heeres Boat Service.
We can mediate between you and Baumgarten Bootsbau. This means that we place the order for you and handle the payment.

Even if you do not speak the Dutch language, you can get an idea about our boats and prices.
On our Dutch pages you will find information about the different models, materials and prices.

You can also contact us for more information.

The following link may not work because of your IP address or cookies. Please open this page in Dutch. You can change the language in the menu at the top of the page.

To the dutch Baumgarten site >>


Second hand boats

We regularly offer second hand boats of various brands
If you want to sell your boat, we can help you.

To our RowingMarket.eu >>