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Amplifiers - CoxOrb


Amplifiers - CoxOrb

CoxOrb in rowing boat

Coxorb Rowing Boat Audio Amplifiers: Enhance Rowing and Performance


Coxorb Rowing Boat Audio Amplifiers take your rowing experience to the next level. With these innovative devices, you can row faster, more efficiently, and more powerfully while maintaining clear communication, even in rough conditions.


Why Choose Coxorb Audio Amplifiers:


  • Improves Performance: With precise GPS speed measurements and rowing tempo tracking, you can enhance your rowing performance and optimize your on-water training.

  • Clear Communication: Coxorb's clear sound quality and communication tools enable coxswains to provide precise instructions to rowers.

  • User-Friendly: Coxorb audio amplifiers are user-friendly and easy to install, making them ideal for rowing clubs and rowers of all levels.

  • Compatibility: They are compatible with NK speaker sets and offer a wide range of features for improved performance.


Coxorb Audio Amplifiers Include:


  • Coxorb Platinum with GPS: This GPS amplifier helps you capture controlled course data, speed, and tempo, allowing you to improve your rowing efficiency. The ultimate tool for performance-oriented rowers, with additional features such as the ability to program workouts and an optional impeller measurement for flowing water.

  • Coxorb Cobalt: Ideal for beginners with convenient features like timed pieces and a real-time clock.


Other Features:


  • Light sensor for display illumination.

  • Motion sensor and magnet sensor for tempo and speed measurement.

  • Timed pieces for precise training.

  • Compact and lightweight design.

  • Multi-directional mounting for flexibility.

  • Durable, replaceable battery with a short charging time.

  • Two-year warranty for your peace of mind.


Some Positive Reviews Highlighting the Benefits and Features of Coxorb:


Improved Audio and Data: Users note that Coxorb offers significantly better audio and data features compared to other options, including the CoxBox. They praise Coxorb's sound quality, data provision, visibility, and reliability.
For Data Enthusiasts: One reviewer describes Coxorb as ideal for "data nerds," emphasizing that the device provides comprehensive data for those who are serious about enhancing their performance and technique.
Different Models, a Clear Choice: Users recommend the "Platinum" version of Coxorb due to its extensive features, including GPS and impeller measurement. This ensures that you have all the necessary information for effective coxing, without the need for other devices like the Speedcoach XL.
Customer Service: It is noted that Coxorb's customer service is excellent, providing peace of mind for potential buyers. Having reliable support can be a significant factor in product selection.
Competing with the Best: Several users emphasize that Coxorb is a serious competitor to established brands like NK. They expect this competition to result in improved product quality and lower prices.
Easy to Use: While some users find Coxorb more intuitive than others, it is noted that the "Platinum" version, despite a learning curve, is the superior choice due to its abundance of features.
A New Level of Information: Users praise the informative nature of the data provided by Coxorb. This means that the device not only offers high-quality sound but also valuable insights to enhance performance


CoxOrb vs. CoxBox

CoxOrb and CoxBox are both popular brands of audio amplifiers for rowing boats. CoxOrb has a number of advantages over CoxBox, including:

  • High waterproofing (IP67)
  • An optional impeller for accurate speed measurement
  • Check factor for determining boat performance
  • Voice recording for recording audio
  • Dataport for connecting external devices



CoxOrb is a good choice for coxes looking for a high-quality audio amplifier with some additional features.


Choose Coxorb Audio Amplifiers and elevate your rowing performance. Order today!


Note: CoxOrbs require the use of specially designed microphones and chargers. All microphones come with both blue and pink headbands. The speaker connection is compatible with Coxmate and NK speaker sets.


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