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Navisafe lamps on rowing boats in darkness

Navisafe safety lights: the best choice for your boat 

Safety is paramount when boating, especially in the dark. Good lighting ensures that other vessels can see you and that you can avoid obstacles. Navisafe offers a wide range of safety lights for boats, from top lights to on-board lights.


Navisafe top lights

A top light is mandatory for all boats sailing at night. Navisafe top lights are available in a variety of designs and brightness levels from 1,125 to 2,500 candela. The lights are waterproof, shockproof and have an SOS function.


Why Navisafe

Navisafe is a leading manufacturer of marine safety lights. Their lights are of high quality and meet the strictest safety requirements.


The bottom line

Navisafe safety lights are an essential investment for any boat owner. With the right lighting, you will be more visible and increase safety for yourself and other vessels.


Order your Navisafe safety lights now and make your boat safer!

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