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Order placement and payment

Shopping cart

At the product page, you can submit the quantity of the product you want to order. Some products require an option to be selected. By clicking on the 'Add to cart' button, the products will be saved. You will be redirected to your shopping cart. On this page you can view the products you collected in your card and you'll find a tool to calculate the shipping costs. Also, you can view the prices excluding VAT.

Do you want to shop some more? Just click 'Continue shopping' and you will return to the shop. The products you just placed in your cart will be saved. When you are finished with collecting the products you want, you choose the 'My cart' button at the top-right of the screen (the buttons displays in a pop-up). You return to the shopping cart page and you are ready to start the order placement process.


Order placement

Order placement always starts from your shopping cart. You start the order placement process by clicking on the button 'Proceed to checkout' (or, top-right of the page in the shopping cart pop-up, 'Checkout').

You can choose an invoice address from your address book (that you've entered upon registering an Eurow.eu account) or submit a new address if you are a non-registered customer. Then, you can assign a shipping address by unselecting the 'ship to the same address' checkmark, if desired.

Next, choose a shipping method. We deliver by mail, but you can also choose to pick up the order at our workshop in Utrecht, the Netherlands.

Depending on the choosen shipping method you can choose different payment options. Payment in cash or by bank card (postpayment) is only possible when you pick up the product at our workshop.

If you have special requests regarding the product(s), delivery or payment, please use the comment box on the checkout page.

Before you place the order, please check the order information and agree with our (Additional) Terms and Conditions. It is still possible to change your order (address, payment method and quantity). You order is confirmed when you click 'Place order'. You will receive a order confirmation e-mail and, depending on your choosen payment method, will be redirected to your bank to complete the payment process.


Payment methods

We offer the following payment methods: 

iDeal: you pay using iDeal. We can process your order immediately.

PayPal: you pay using PayPal. We can process your order immediately. You will see that a 'PayPal fee' appears because PayPal charges us an extra fee, depending on the total sum of the order.

SofortBanking: you pay using SofortBanking. We can process your order immediately.

Wire transfer: you pay by making a bank transfer to our banking account, mentioning the order number. We will process your order as soon as the wire transfer has been completed. This payment method is slow: it will result in delayed shipments.

Cash/debit card: we offer this option to customers who pick up their order at our workshop. Choose the delivery method 'pickup at our workshop'.