How to place an ad on RowingMarket:

Step 1: Choose the type of ad

You can post different types of messages on, such as "for sale", "wanted", "swap", "lost and found", and even "coach job offered/wanted". To send a message, simply use the "mail us" button at the bottom of this page.

Step 2: Add a photo or document

You can also attach a photo or document up to 20 MB with your message. Important: do not add photos directly to the mail form, but use the "add attachment" button (maximum 20 MB).

Step 3: Fill in the required information

When submitting your message, enter the following information:

  • - Contact information
  • - Brand or builder
  • - Type
  • - Year of construction
  • - A recent photo
  • - Items included (e.g. belts)
  • - Asking price

Step 4: Indicate the location (country, city, rowing club)

Stating the location of the boat is useful for interested parties who are further away (e.g. abroad). Arranging shipping or transportation should be coordinated between you.

Step 5: Expand your reach

If you post your message in English and/or German, you increase your reach, as this appeals to a wider international audience.

Step 6: Don't let your advertisement expire

If your ad is no longer valid (for example, because the boat has been sold), please send a message to let us know.

Step 7: Placing an ad is free!

Good to know: advertising on RowingMarket is free of charge until now.

Step 8: Share your ad on Facebook

Moreover, RowingMarket is active on Facebook! If you share and like your ad, you increase your reach even further.


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